UTV Audio Kit with Bluetooth®

UTV 1 is a complete Universal audio kit made for the popular UTV market. The supplied Bluetooth® receiver controller “snaps in” to the common opening found in most dashboards and controls volume, track up/down and play/pause. It also features an “Auxiliary Input” that allows a secondary audio source such as GPS or Sat radio to be plugged in. The amplifier produces 150 watts when running the supplied 2 speakers but has plug ins so it super easy to add a second set of speakers! When powering 4 speakers, the amplifiers power increases to 250 watts. The speakers are a custom 5” x 7” made specifically for the power sports environment and feature a custom made cabinet that is shaped in such a way that allow the speakers to “work” mounted behind or in front of the rider/passenger. UTV 1 features a 2 year warranty and everything you need comes in the box complete!

UTV 1 thumb nail

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